Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bits & Bites


I like compliments that aren’t super-predictable. “You look nice” doesn’t always cut it. A guy once told me that I “clean up nice.” That didn’t really work either. He’s now married, so I’m hoping that he’s found a better line since then. An old guy at church told me that I had a light about me. I smiled, but made sure I didn’t smile too much.

My bus-stop friend, after our discussion of my film-set dreams, tried to tell me I looked nice today with, “When a single young movie star sees you, he’s going to scoop you up and take you to Hollywood.” So I said, “Okay.” Now I’m waiting to see if she’s a prophet. I just hope the young movie star is a little more John Krasinski and a little less Jesse Metcalfe.

My Hero

The company I work for has been acquired by Elevation Partners. So I now work for Bono. Another dream comes true. Man, I need to start a new wish list.

When the White Man Says Go

I started crossing the street today while the red hand was flashing. I wasn’t quite halfway across when the white man appeared again. Yep, it went from “slow down” to “walk” without ever stopping and allowing the light to change. Crazy Toronto.

Fed Up

I had an amazing sandwich today. The Healthy Butcher makes organic chicken sandwiches that exist on a taste level I did not know existed. I’m slowly going organic, I think.

And my new favorite restaurant is Lettuce Eatery. Because I love lettuce. And here, I get to indulge. Like a kid in a candy store. Or like a young woman in a salad store.

Wow. Organic chicken and massive salads. I’m sure some of you are captivated.


Lately, I haven’t been very impressed with myself at work. I can feel myself sinking into “disgruntled employee” mode. So I decided to voice some concerns to my boss before I blew up or sunk into depression. We ended up chatting for an hour and I feel valued and appreciated once more. Apparently I’m not the only one who’s slowly going crazy. There’s joy in joint misery. But now that I work for Bono, there’s nothing to complain about anymore.

P.S. I asked for a transfer to the Dublin office that does not yet exist.

Gene Kelly, Where Art Thou?

Last night, I went to the outdoor dance festival Dusk Dances. So much fun. My friend Meredith came down (her brother was in it), and I had a lovely evening in the park. One dance in particular had a great Gene Kelly-and-Donald O’Connor vibe to it. Almost magical. For a moment I felt like a soccer mom, lugging a lawn chair across the massive green in the muggy evening air. But to be a soccer mom, you need a kid. And a van. And a license. So I guess I have a ways to go….


Beth said...

a) i was told at my high school prom that i "cleaned up real good."
b) i (heart) john krasinski.
c) wendy and i watched a movie the other day, on a laptop. we put the subtitles on and wondered if you'd done them.
d) are you serious about transferring to dublin!? can you transfer to vancouver instead?
e) jealous of your date with meredith. but i have an extended one coming up. now i need a date with YOU.
f) i leave the longest comments ever on your blog. i should probably email you instead.

nadine said...

Hey, Beth.
a) A guy dragged his girlfriend with him over to where I was to tell me I looked good at prom. Awkward moment.
b) As do I.
c) What movie? I probably did.
d) Just like the Dublin situation, there is no Vancouver office. If they start one, I'll get my butt over there :)
e) Yes, you do. Unless Mr. Krasinski's in town. You may have to wait in line.
f) I like your comments. And I like emails. Maybe I just like you.

joanne said...

Went to Lettuce once, my friend and I were so Novice, that we felt like we were in the Soup Nazi episode...the woman was so fed up with us because of all our was good, but $10 for a salad?!