Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Let There Be Blog

I tend to think about blogging far more often than I actually blog. It seems that the minute the weather gets better, my social life picks up marvelously. No boyfriend, Beth (I wish), just life.

Here’s the super-quick rundown of the past couple of weeks (highlights only):

May 10

I meet a friend (who’s been Montreal-based for the past couple of years) for dinner. First, we head to the Bata Shoe Museum (it’s free after 5 on Thursdays) and talk costume history (we’re theatre friends). We then head to Republik and talk more theatre dreams and celebrity crushes and Stratford’s social scene and decide that we’re pretty much the same person.

May 11

I head home for Mother’s Day. (Okay, I leave work a little earlier than I really need to, but I couldn’t help it. The sunshine was calling me). The whole family goes mini-golfing. I start off well. I prematurely make the claim that I’ve found “my sport.” Everything is downhill from there. We celebrate/drown our sorrows at Dairy Queen.

May 12

Early-morning garage-sale shopping. Attempted shoe shopping. Risk. World domination probably isn't a career path I should be considering.

May 13

It’s Mother’s Day. After church, we make omelets (yes, I made my mom’s), and then Mom and I head out for a walk. We take the long route, and end up walking for over 2 hours. I learn that picking trilliums isn’t necessarily illegal. We stop by a friend’s to wish her a happy 16th, and then my parents drive me back to Toronto. I take them out to Pickle Barrel for dinner. It’s fun treating people. I’m trying to groom myself for being a generous rich person.

May 14

I don’t remember anything about this day. I’m sure it was nice.

May 15

I go shoe shopping and buy adorable, comfortable Skechers. Finally.

May 16

I wear the Skechers and realize they are significantly too small for my feet. And they were final sale. I now own pretty shoes I can’t wear.

May 17

I pack and clean.

May 18

My mom picks me up after work and we head to Joanne’s for dinner (girlfriend of Michael, the birthday boy mentioned in a previous blog). Fantabulous chicken curry followed by a walk to get ice cream. I’m highly entertained by her 5-year-old. We then head to my grandma’s.

May 19

Drive into Uxbridge. I walk into a tiny shoe store and the salesman rocks my world. He measures my feet and talks about arches and support and all the sorts of things that 14-year-old saleskids never do at the mall. I buy two pairs of expensive shoes that feel like heaven. Mom and I baffle Grandma with the size of our salads at lunch, and then Mom and I take a walk along a country road. I think I want to live in the country. So picturesque and peaceful. After dinner, we meet Caleb, my cousin’s baby boy. So perfectly precious. I could almost hear a coworker of mine whispering in my ear, “Is your womb itching?” Close. I don’t know if I’m ready for a toddler and a baby, but I guess the whole husband-and-house thing would make it easier. When we leave, my cousin asks when I’m coming to visit her in Calgary. Hmm…

May 20

I love my grandma’s church. It’s quite possibly my favorite church in existence right now. After church, we play Scrabble (Mom wins) and later, euchre (I win the first game. A fluke). It’s a low-key evening, but delightful.

May 21

My mom makes the shocking suggestion that I cut fresh lilacs for my apartment. I’ve never really thought about fresh flowers in my place. And so I do. I think I’ll do the flower thing more often. We leave early to beat the post-long-weekend rush, and I’m home in time to watch Oprah and Dr. Oz talk about parasites.

May 22

I wear new shoes to work. By the end of the day, I’m crippled with blisters. Super. Have I ever mentioned that I have foot issues? Yeah, I don’t like them. Feet in general. I’m in a bit of a funk, but then I work out (a new thing for me, but I’ve been trying to get in some sort of exercise every day) and read my Bible. It’s funny how a shift in perspective can totally change everything. Matthew 5 & 6 is where it’s at, people. I’ve been reading through the Bible, and that’s where I happened to be at. And that’s exactly what I needed to read.

May 23

It’s the most gorgeous day ever. I wear a skirt to work. I feel light and pretty and don’t even mind the blisters from yesterday. I eat blackberries for a snack and take a short walk at lunch. I run errands after work and rent the sequels to Bourne and Pirates so I can watch the third installments of each this summer (if I so choose). I make a massive salad when I get home, blog a little, and get ready to watch the finale of Lost.

There. You are caught up. I shall try to blog again soon. And I’ll let you know if a boyfriend falls from the sky, Beth. If he does, I’ll ask him if he has a brother for you :)


Beth said...

yay! i also think about blogging more than it happens. i empathize with your shoe issues. and i believe fresh-cut flowers make a huge difference in an apartment (my roommate this past year always had flowers).

Anonymous said...


Bring your sketchers...we can sell them on Sunday at my Girly Garage sale!