Friday, May 04, 2007

Bad Day

You know you’re having a bad day when:

  • A coworker sends you the above picture because it reminds him of how he thinks you’re feeling.
  • You pack grapes in a sour cream container. Then you bring sour cream to work with you instead of your grapes. And then you have to leave your sour cream at work over the weekend as you're not going straight home and it needs immediate refrigeration.
  • You are given 12 hours’ worth of work. To be done by the end of the day.
  • You send an email to your boss that ends with "I'm only one person."
  • You're staring at the clock and it's not even 9 a.m. yet.
  • You regret not calling in exasperated. Or sick (and tired). Or dead.
  • You plot Popeye's murder.
  • The most exciting thing you hear all day is that Paris Hilton is going to jail.
  • A coworker sends you a scathing email (CCing the boss), criticizing your feedback technique on her disastrous file. The file you spent two days fixing. She thinks you’re harsh and inappropriate. You have no desire to even defend yourself (for fear that the real inappropriateness will lash out). Luckily, someone higher up is on your side.
  • You are asked to work on the weekend four times. You don’t dignify such questions with a response.
  • You escape early, while management is in a meeting. No one can stop you.
  • You see Spiderman 3 and are disappointed. And teen girls behind you talk incessantly through the whole thing. Someone shushes them and they swear at her and say they paid for their tickets. So did you. But you paid to hear Tobey say awkward things, not them.
  • The movie theatre no longer carries Smarties. You eat Skittles instead, which only reminds you of how disappointed your brother will also be when he sees the movie.
  • You go to a video store and don’t care what you rent.
  • The highlight of your day is buying roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, leeks and fresh basil. At least it's not a Doritos binge.


michael lewis said...

I too snuck out early and watched Spiderman 3.


Don't get me wrong, it's not a "bad" film, but it just left me unsatisfied.

I have a Travel All now; I will bring my own Smarties and Twizzlers into the theatre. No more hiding in the pocket of a hoodie! I have a Travel All.

When I'm staring at the clock and it's AFTER 9am, it's because I'm still eating my breakfast of oatmeal and I'm wondering why I'm not at work yet, and then I hope no one has noticed.

Travel All.

Andrea said...

wow spiderman 3 didn't meet nadine or mark approval.. i wonder if i should bother seeing it at all.. hey guess what.. i'm in ontario! :)

Anonymous said...


You need some shopping therapy...

Hmm...Yumm Roasted Red Peppers...thank yourself from not doing the Doritos thing! (someone else did recently)

Oh and I love how the Purse is now called a "travel all". lol


nadine said...

Michael: I show up at work before 8 so I can leave by 4.

Andrea: Save your money. There will be plenty of other flicks to catch this summer (and I fully expect you to be my movie date).

Joanne: Shopping often is what contributes to my need for therapy, but I'd love to give it a go with you :) I'm doing the Mom thing this weekend, but soon....

And yes, it is a purse. Don't tell Michael.