Tuesday, November 06, 2007


It’s easy to complain about work. Or threaten to look for another job. And I’d be lying if I tried to pass off my work environment as a positive and supportive space 100% of the time. Because of this, it’s also easy to overlook the fun times. And so, in an attempt to be Little Miss Giggles, I shall share with you the recent fun times in the world of subtitling.

  • A coworker gave me a book: Geeky Girl: The Straight Scoop on the Well-Rounded Square. Thus far, I have learned that I need to know more about Star Trek, feminism, computer technology and knitting.
  • Post-Halloween candy run. We were too late, but Shoppers got our money anyhow.
  • Running into George Stroumboulopoulos at The Healthy Butcher. And totally ignoring him.
  • A closed-captioning friend Photoshopped my head onto Rachel McAdams' body so that Ryan Gosling’s arm was around me and not her (this was post-breakup news. Clearly, I was the reason for the demise of their relationship).
  • Playing Scrabulous.
  • Looking at bridal gowns online. A coworker’s sister is getting married and is welcoming feedback as she narrows down her choices.
  • Countless emails that evolve from serious grammar questions to giggly girl talk.
  • Sharing hair stylists and dentists.
  • Researching Cobb salads and discovering that the ingredients in the one someone bought for lunch are wrong.
  • Changing the Wikipedia definition of chickpeas to include being poisonous.
  • The invention of a Walker, Texas Ranger drinking game. And no, people don’t generally drink while on the job. But it’s fun to speculate. The rules below are copied from a long email thread going around yesterday. You have to take a drink every time:
    • Walker comforts a child by saying, "When I was your age, my father told me a story about a young Indian boy..."
    • Walker punches someone (not dropkicks).
    • Walker uses his magical Walker-sense to "feel" something out.
    • Walker acts like an asshole [not my choice of language – don’t judge] to Trivette, who laughs it off as if they were best friends.
    • The Cherokee are shown to have magical powers.
      • Drink two if it's a different "mystical" culture, like the re-incarnated Buddhist lama who can cause plants to grow and heal his wounds.
    • Walker visits the state prison, and it's suggested out loud and in the prisoners' reactions that Walker has put every single one of them in there.
    • Walker goes undercover.
      • Two if it's as a different ethnic race.
    • When a major backstory is introduced in Walker's life, like, five seasons into the show, and it just has never come up before. Ex. that he was engaged to be married, and she was assassinated.
    • When we meet a character we've never heard of before, but who Walker is BFF with.
      • Two if the character dies before the opening credits.
    • C.D. tells someone not to worry about Walker, who has gone missing.
    • C.D. tells someone not to worry about Walker who is undercover doing a strange job because it just so happens Walker has work experience doing the very same task.
      • Two if it was "just after he got out of the Army."
    • Walker must jump out of a closed window and yet somehow doesn't have a scratch or cut on him when he's done.
      • Two if it's any storey above the first.
      • Three if there's also a fireball following him.

I love those days when work doesn’t feel like work.


Beth said...

so at the end of an episode, is anyone still sober?

also, i looked up chickpeas: no record of them as poisonous...

nadine said...

The game was strategically designed to ensure that everyone end up completely hammered. There is no hope for anyone.

And the Wikipedia-alterer lost his nerve and didn't submit his new definition. Although he emailed everyone in the office his hypothetical entry.