Monday, November 12, 2007


  • Chuck just broke up with his fake girlfriend. Love that show. Speaking of fake relationships…
  • Ryan Gosling turned 27 today. Numerous coworkers pointed this out to me. It’s getting a little out of hand. Yet still quite amusing.
  • I think I should join a gym. My hour-long walks are already being compromised by inclement weather. And it will only get worse. I’m torn between Extreme Fitness and a local community centre.
  • I’m becoming a Wes Anderson fan. Go see The Darjeeling Limited.
  • The writers are on strike. Which means there will be more reality television. Which means I’ll be watching less TV.
  • A guy on the subway in New York saw the girl of his dreams. So he created a Web page to help find her. And it worked. The hopeless romantic in me is charmed.
  • Thanks, Michael, for pointing me to a study that has forever challenged my work ethic. An excerpt:
    A similar study conducted at Harvard University over a period of three years attempted to determine conclusively whether working was more productive than various different subsets of not working. The results showed across the board that working is 100 percent more productive than listening to music and checking e-mails, 100 percent more productive than meandering around the office socializing with coworkers, 100 percent more productive than playing online Sudoku, 100 percent more productive than watching YouTube videos of nostalgic childhood television programming, 100 percent more productive than reading celebrity-gossip blogs while chatting with friends on Instant Messenger, 100 percent more productive than napping, and 98.2 percent more productive than not showing up to work.
  • I chose to come straight home after work rather than run errands in the rain. The main reason? I have yet to replace Bert the Umbrella. It’s just too soon to move on.
  • Christmas starts for my family this Saturday. Which means Christmas baking starts in my apartment this week. So much fun.
  • Kendall Payne’s new album, Paper Skin, is hauntingly gorgeous. So vulnerable. is where it’s at.
  • My sponsored child does not go to school. He dropped out after Grade 2 because of a distance issue. He's only 10. So sad.


Silas said...

i love it that you had named the umbrella. i'm not sure if you mentioned this when we talked last about the umbrella. it's amusing, heh.

and to affirm your inner romantic, i think that the nygirlofmydreams site is pretty awesome too! wow, i wonder if i'll ever meet a girl in that manner... i guess we can dream (until that person comes)!

michael lewis said...

I'd like to clarify: that article was from The Onion.

However, the workplace related satire was definitely not lost on me.

(And where am I typing this comment?)