Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thoughts Before Thanksgiving (aka A Slow Workday)

  • Ryan Gosling slays me. The guy has been showing up at premieres of Lars and the Real Girl in the tackiest/most awesome grey suits ever. With a scruffy beard and some extra weight to enhance his dapperness. He's playing the father of a teenager in his next film, which probably explains why he doesn't want to be all lanky and teenybopper hot. I would watch his movies if he grew an arm out of his chin, that's how brilliant the man is.

(All pics per teamsugar gallery)

  • Anyone catch the pilot of Pushing Daisies? It's kind of like watching Tim Burton's Big Fish in episodic form. But maybe more charming. And so innocent and chaste (For good reason. Touch the cute guy and you're dead. That's reason enough to hold my own hand instead of his). Pure delight. Essentially, Ned, a pie baker, has the gift/curse of being able to bring dead things/people back to life with one touch. If he touches them again, they're dead forever. And if he lets them live for more than a minute, someone else will drop dead to balance things out. And naturally, he just raised his childhood sweetheart from the dead. So he can never touch her. Ever. Brilliant. And Anna Friel is sooo the British Zooey Deschanel. With an American accent, ala House. Her name is Chuck, which officially makes Chuck the name of the year. Watch it. It's the best new show of the season. Even better than Chuck. And ceramic monkeys are involved, so you really can't go wrong.


  • I had the opportunity to use the phrase "fecoventilatory collision" in an email at work today. Oh, how I amuse myself.
  • I am no longer capable of making decisions. I was at the dentist's yesterday, and was given the choice between two different night guards (I'm a clencher, as I've already established). I couldn't choose. I was near tears. So I went with her recommendation, paid about a weeks' salary, and left with major buyer's remorse. And I don't even get the thing until next week. Seriously, people. I was near panic attack. And they say stress is the trigger for clenching in the first place. Maybe I should quit my job and become a shepherd. My parents would approve. My dad likes sheep.
  • John Steinberg likes my new haircut. And John Steinberg happens to be one of Toronto’s top hair stylists. This is a very big deal. To me, anyway. I also believe that every workday should end with a scalp massage.
  • I am not an impulse shopper. In fact, I’m so good at not shopping, that I can talk myself out of buying things that I need. But today was different. I was browsing in Chapters when I noticed the display wall. “What’s this? A new Douglas Coupland? Why have I not heard of it?” Naturally, I checked it out. The Gum Thief. Very exciting. What makes it even more exciting is that it was 30% off. And it was autographed. That’s right, folks. Try to contain your jealousy.


Beth said...

wendy might froth at the mouth if she read that last bit. did you get a chance to read/enjoy it?

also, how do you know john steinberg likes your haircut?

Wendy said...

I ma frothing at the mouth! You have a signed Coupland!?! I'm still trying to figure out a way of having coffee with him at some point...

Oh, btw, hello! It's been so long!

nadine said...

Ooh, it's Beth and Wendy, my favourite Vancouver girls :)

I am practicing ridiculous self-discipline by not allowing myself to read it until I finish the books I'm currently reading (BTW, The Alchemist is rather awesome thus far. I can't believe I haven't read it before now). But the cover is pretty. And his signature is just a pen scribble that looks like someone vandalized my copy. And yet I shall cherish such a scribble (totally thought of you, Wendy, when I bought it).

And Beth, I know John Steinberg likes my haircut because he told me so. My stylist works in his salon. Last time, she cut my hair next to an empty chair. Apparently, that's John's chair, and he was there this time. And he's British, which makes any sort of compliment even better....