Friday, October 12, 2007

Catching Up.

Since the last blog, I...
  • Slept on an air mattress. With a hole in it.
  • Ate a generous amount of pumpkin pie. A real lady would never reveal how much exactly.
  • Finished a Scrabble game quite spectacularly. And people were around to stroke my ego.
  • Explained the High School Musical nude-photo scandal to my younger cousins (They brought it up, I swear).
  • Learned that Andrew Shue of Melrose Place fame went on to play professional soccer.
  • Called my dinner at the Korean BBQ with coworkers "my hot date with raw meat." Someone thought that "raw meat" was what I call my boyfriend. Not to self: Be more selective with word choices.
  • Consumed massive quantities of meat (mentioned above).
  • Voted. In the rain.
  • Did laundry. In the rain.
  • Made a rather fantastic roast beef, cheddar and spinach sandwich. On a dark rye bun.
  • Learned that Dane Cook made $9 million last year. For being unfunny. I made significantly less. For being hilarious.
  • Considered buying Kelsey Grammer's house. Check out that library. How I pine.
  • Wore a spring outfit on a cold fall day. And froze.
  • Was told I should work for Harlequin. I would consider it if they'd let me get rid of the Fabio-esque covers. And the majority of the content within those covers.
  • Decided that the following spontaneous poem (from Waitress) would probably not woo me successfully. Especially the odor part: "If I had a penny for everything I liked about you, I would have many pennies. A penny for your teeth, a penny for your nose, a penny for your eyes, a penny for your hair, your navel. A penny for your odor. A dollar for your heart."

My dad blogged about Thanksgiving. I'll let him tell you about it instead of rewriting the same stuff.


Beth said...

that poem in waitress made me laugh so hard. at least it was heartfelt!

nude photo scandal from HSM! i am so out of the loop...

Tim said...

If you buy that house, I will be a permanent fixture in the library. I'm willing to smoke a pipe, if the occasion demands it.

nadine said...

Beth: Nude photos of Vanessa Hudgens (the lead actress in HSM) were leaked onto the internet. They were old photos, from when she was 17 (underage scandal). It's kinda messing with the squeaky-clean Disney image of the case.

Tim: You may sit in my library as long as I'm mentioned in the acknowledgments of your first novel. And if you choose to smoke, I may request that you also Febreze the place occasionally.