Monday, September 24, 2007

I Heart...

3:10 to Yuma

*as recommended by the formidable Michael Lewis

Two thumbs up. Two awesome actors equally matched. A shoot-‘em-up Western with character development. Here’s to the beginning of an exciting movie season. Cheers.


So quotable. “Pedal safe.” So adorkable. Major heart. And Zac Levi (above) hearts Jesus.


I’ve been walking everywhere. More than an hour a day. Late September is amazing.

Dark Chocolate

My recent drug of choice. It gets me through the day. And keeps my heart healthy.

Christmas pudding

This may seem a little out of season, but I’m going to learn to make Christmas pudding at my grandma’s this coming weekend. You have no idea how thrilling this is. I will be the next Martha Stewart. Promise.


michael lewis said...

Wait a packet!

Didn't I recommend 3:10 to Yuma to you??

nadine said...

You most certainly did. And for that, I shall give you credit (and be eternally grateful).

I can always count on you to watch the Bale films with me, albeit provinces apart,

michael lewis said...

I tried to rent Swing Kids the other day, but Joanne didn't seem to be interested.

I haven't seen it yet!

nadine said...

You. Must. Watch. Swing Kids.

I have it on VHS. And I own the soundtrack. And I may have tried to re-create the choreography in my friend's basement when I was in high school. But I wouldn't admit to it if I did.

So good.