Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blog Titles Are Tricky Things


As I was walking home a couple of days ago, I passed a little boy with his father. Clearly coming from school, the boy was rattling on about duotangs. Instantly, I was overwhelmed with a strange nostalgia. I miss the duotang. I miss calling the duotang a "cahier" in French class. I miss the math set. I miss the canvas pencil case my friends would sign every year. I’ve always liked back-to-school season, and it’s a little sad that the next time I enjoy it will be when I’m ushering my kids off to kindergarten. Sure, I could take a couple classes myself, but will anyone appreciate that I’m wearing brand-new corduroy overalls?

Vote for Pedro.

When I left for work this morning, an NDP sign was proudly planted in my front yard. When I came home this evening, a Conservative sign was there instead. Where do these signs come from? Are my landlords trying to influence my vote? And why do the NDP have such a painful color scheme? I’m not a fan of the neon. I think I will vote for the party with the prettiest signs.

And on a semi-related political note, at work I decided that Stephen Harper could play J.R. Ewing in the new Dallas movie.

What took me so long?

I had my very first Iced Cappuccino today. My life will never be the same. Unfortunately, I forgot that coffee drinks have caffeine. So I will not sleep tonight.

Maybe I wasn’t there either.

I saw I’m Not There. Christian Bale did not show up at the screening. We have yet to cross paths. A very bizarre movie experience. Cate Blanchett will win massive awards for her performance. Brilliant. Christian Bale was spot-on (as per usual). I’m still not sure how a black 12-year-old kid represents Bob Dylan. Nor am I sure how Richard Gere (as Billy the Kid) living in an old Western town obsessed with Halloween represents Bob Dylan. In fact, I left the theatre with the realization that I know absolutely nothing about Dylan. Except that he’s not one for enunciation.


michael lewis said...

Your photo comparison is quite Mark-Alward-(junior)-esque.

Have you seen 3:10 to Yuma? Stellar! Bale's character has a wooden leg, and he manages to act a limp the entire film and do convincingly as well!

Tim said...


I keep checking to see when you'll update this space--but you don't.

However--your Google ads do. Your ad pegged me correctly, I am interested in "What Martial arts trainers, and Special Forces soldiers don't want me to know."

I followed the link, and since I'm only of meager intelligence, I couldn't answer Lieutenant X's question of "...why on earth would he want to give me this terrifying top secret hand-to-hand killing course absolutly free?"

I can only wonder.

nadine said...


According to the statistic I just made up, for every comment posted, there are 400 silent readers. So for the sake of the masses, I shall try to update more frequently.

I cannot answer Lieutenant X's question for you, but if it left you wondering, then I did my job. I am merely a humble servant of the Google ad.