Thursday, August 23, 2007

Things you may not know.

IMDb birthdays

Today is Gene Kelly’s birthday. Oh, Gene, if only you weren’t so old, womanizing and…dead.

To work at SDI, you must check the IMDb birthdays when you log on in the morning. No, this is not in the manual, but you will never rise above “menial spotter” without a quick browsing of celebrity birthdays. Nor will you be able to participate in heated office debates about the aging process of certain public figures. And if you do rise above your menial station without doing so, I will shun you.


We’re done. We’re like Ross and Rachel; we’re “on a break.” Except we won’t get back together, nor will I have his child. I’m just nervous that our break won’t be long enough. We only just finished the third season. There are so many more….


My brain is melting. Today, I tried to spell exhilarating. I spelled it “exhillerating.” The shame.


If you have a British accent, you are automatically far more brilliant than the general population. Watch the Harry Potter kids in interviews. They speak in complete sentences. Then watch American brats. Case closed.


I think there should be a ban on the word “literally” until people learn how to use it. Today, I had to subtitle this sentence:

My heart was literally jumping out of my body.

This is a lie. A coworker led me to this site. The blogger tracks the abuse of the word “literally” in various publications. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.


This is my wallpaper at work (below). Seeing Dawson crying/constipated every morning makes me smile.

That is all. Carry on.


Beth said...

you are one of the most random and hilarious people i know. how's the job prospect in 'couver' shaping up?

nadine said...

Thanks, Beth. I find the randomness breaks up my boringness nicely.

And I haven't heard from "couver" as of yet. Or perhaps ever. Maybe I'll have to try again.

Patrick said...

I found your blog by the linkback to my literally blog... it cracked me up.

Regarding the desktop wallpaper, I used to have a screencap from an episode of "Party of Five" where one of the characters got in a drunk-driving crash - his facial contortions right before the accident were hilarious. I wish I still had it, it would make a great wallpaper.