Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How to break up with me. Amazingly.

I laughed out loud. Many times. If you can't handle a little language, steer clear of this one.

Best breakup line ever:
"You make me touch your hands for stupid reasons."

Breakup letter. The dramatic reading.

(You have to have the sound on, people).

These phenomenal grammar skills would certainly soften the blow of being dumped....


Silas said...

that was utterly hilarious. i had to stifle my laughter from being audible to my sleeping grandma in the room next door, since it's almost 1:30am! funny, so funny.

michael lewis said...

I only wish I could get dumped in that manner!!!

I would just laugh in her face! But wait, I have higher standards. I probably would never have spoken with her in the first place.

Ha ha ha ha!

Beth said...

you are the second person to have mentioned this to me in two days. wait, the other person got it from a blog they blogstalk...i wonder if that's you! they are roughly 3 degrees of separation from you. i bet it was. i'm going to ask them.

Vaness said...

Hey Nadine,
I believe Beth was referring to me. I have just recently started reading (some might call it blog stalking...I call it...um...reading) your blog - I checked it out from a link that Silas had on his blog.
So now the mystery is solved.
And thus we are acquainted via the blogosphere.

nadine said...

Hey, Vaness. Nice to quasi-meet you.

I can appreciate a good blogstalk :)
I do it all the time.

I also can appreciate a good mystery, and find that this one resolved quite neatly.