Monday, June 04, 2007

The Seven Wonders of Monday

  1. The cable guy is coming. Tomorrow. Which means that my Internet starting working today. Oh, well. I shall entertain him nonetheless.

  1. Paris Hilton is in jail. I have no comment.

  1. I went shopping for a bookshelf yesterday and came home with a bedside table. Not quite the same storage capacity, but much more charming. IKEA just couldn’t satisfy my real-wood-ala-country-cottage craving.

  1. As the opening of Ocean’s Thirteen is approaching, TIME has posted a pretty interesting interview with its stars. Apparently, I share a brain with the cast. Case in point:

CLOONEY: I like Clive Owen a lot. Did you see Children of Men?
DAMON: That was my favorite movie last year.
CLOONEY: Me too.
DAMON: One of the most underrated actors right now as a leading man is Christian Bale. He turned in two great performances last year. He was great in The Prestige, and he was great in this movie called Harsh Times.
BARKIN: I like the very young Ryan Gosling.
CLOONEY: That couple—he goes out with Rachel McAdams ...
BARKIN: Splitsville. Don't you read Us?
CLOONEY: Well, those were two of the most talented young actors I've seen in a long time.
TIME: They're not dead.
BARKIN: And they should never have broken up—just for the sake of their careers.


(Yes, Children of Men, Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling. I will totally be in Ocean’s Fourteen.)

  1. Around 6 p.m. last night, I was struck with a sudden and severe sore throat. I woke up with no voice. Being the responsible employee that I am, I headed off to work to finish a file that was due today. Of course, the whole time I was plotting a sick day for tomorrow. Which I will take. My head has now joined my throat and they seem to be doing the pulse-with-pain dance quite impressively.

  1. Even though I’ll be hanging out in PJs most of the day tomorrow, I have every intention of making myself presentable (lipgloss and all) for the cable guy. As my old screenwriting prof once told me, I shouldn’t be afraid to play my “woman card.” Last time the cable guy came, I got free extra channels. On the other hand, maybe the “sick card” will be more powerful. I know theatre makeup. I can emphasize dark circles and sunken cheeks. Hmm.

  1. It’s official: I want to be Carrie Fisher when I grow up. Without the cinnamon buns on the side of my head. Just the act-a-little, write-a-lot Carrie (specifically the ghostwriting/script-doctoring. Did you know that she doctored The Wedding Singer and Sister Act?) So tonight, I shall watch On the Lot and crush on the Canadian contestant while planning my next career move.
(P.S. She considers herself as an "enthusiastic agnostic who would be happy to be shown that there is a God." Another hmm.)


nadine said...

When I said, "So tonight, I shall watch On the Lot," I meant, "So tomorrow night...."

My brain doesn't work. But my head hurts so I have an excuse (for once).

michael lewis said...

On one of the original Star Wars DVD releases, there is an interview with Carrie Fisher in which she says (and I may not necessarily be quoting verbatim):

"You know you've arrived when you're the head of a Pez Dispenser."

mike said...

Carrie Fisher is right. Being on the head of a Pez Dispenser would be way cooler than being a bobble head doll. Not that I have been, or will ever likely be either.

Anonymous said...

She was on that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie goes to Hollywood and sleeps with Vince Vaughn who was Housesitting for Carrie Fisher...


That's all I got...


Beth said...

so how did it go with the cable guy?