Friday, June 08, 2007


I had the great idea to stop by Sam the Record Man on the way home from work today. Oddly, nothing was really on sale. In fact, most of the CDs I looked at were more expensive than at HMV. Still, the store was highly picked over. I suppose Torontonians want the Sam’s experience while they can still get it.

Upon leaving, I felt a raindrop. Thirty seconds later, I was soaked to the bone. With an umbrella. The rain came down so hard that my umbrella was bending (it didn’t break, though. This one has proven itself quite impressively). And then the rain decided to go all horizontal on me. The water gushing down the sidewalks was two inches deep, submerging my *cough* suede sandals with dirty city water.

By the time I got home, I was cold and dripping wet. Probably not the best look for me (Remember that whole sexy-when-wet thing? Yeah, not happening), and definitely not good for a recovering sick girl. I couldn’t even step in my apartment. I tossed my sandals off in the hallway, and then reached into the apartment to grab a tea towel I could walk on before entering. My feet were covered in dirt. So now I’m in my pajamas, wet hair in a messy ponytail, ready for a cozy night in (so much for trips to the grocery store and Blockbuster this evening).

Fortunately, I brought my funky vinyl bag to work today. Completely waterproof. So my cell phone, wallet and DVDs (that I was supposed to return – not due till Sunday, so I’m okay) are perfectly dry. I like silver linings.

Oh, and Paris is back in jail. The subtitlers rejoiced.

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