Monday, March 19, 2007

Just Because.

Best Christmas present ever: a little white cassette player (that still works beautifully). And with it was "Carman: Yo Kidz," the coolest tape for the coolest kid on the planet.

And today, I would like to share with you all a video from the album. Hilariously starring Hanson lip-synching to Carman. Yes, this is for real. Way before Hanson was Hanson (outside of their last name).

PS I loved this song because "shut up" is in the lyrics. My parents were giving me permission to be profane.


Beth said...

is that actually hanson?

i recently was singing along with some carman... "tell me who's in the house? JC! who's in the house? JC! Jesus Christ is in the house to-day." and got some funny looks.

nadine said...

Oh, yes, it is. I would not lie to you.

And I am quite familiar with "Who's in the house?" moments, where people just shake their heads. "The Soap Song" is my fave. I think because it's about TV :)

Andrea said...

Simply, oh my god. Where do you find this's almost more amusing than Korea.. almost.

nadine said...

Andrea, I'm trying to ease your transition home :)

pastor mike said...

I remember the song... I have this distinct impression of it being played lots... wasn't there a second Yo Kidz cassette as well?

But until today, I have never seen the video... it's just so.... I'll let come up with the right adjective.