Friday, October 16, 2009

Say Yes to the Dress

I've had this conversation with two people now. So I might as well extend it to the blogosphere. It's about contentment. And settling. And tulle.

There's a recent phenomenon in wedding-gown shopping in which a bride ends up buying multiple dresses. She tries on a beautiful dress, thinks it's the one, and buys it. But then she finds another dress, the one she knows is the one. So then she's stuck trying to sell the first one. She suffers a financial loss, but it's worth it because she gets to walk down the aisle in sartorial perfection.

Some brides buy three or four gowns before the big day. Bridal consultants rejoice.

Such a shopping trend makes me uncomfortable.

Firstly, if you're not sure in the first place, why are you buying? Why are you settling? Why are you spending thousands on one deemed not good enough? Is it the panic that there just might not be anything better out there? Are you purchasing out of fear? Desperation?

Secondly, why are you still looking? If you think you've found the one, made the down payment, started the alteration process, what on earth are you doing trying on other dresses? And does this thought pattern carry over into other areas of your life? Will you keep looking at men after you've committed to the one you think is "the one"? Can you be content with your choice, even though it won't necessarily line up with the picture of magical perfection that floats in your head?

I will not settle. I will choose wisely. And then I will stand by my decision. This applies both to the dress I'll buy one day and to the man waiting for me at the end of the aisle. I'll be picky before I buy, not after.

P.S. I should be a wedding planner. And/or premarital counselor.


Walking Church said...

I support nudist weddings - non issue!!! (lol)

Your thought on whether the man is the final right man was the first thought that went through my mind at the beginning of your article.

Interesting how guys don't go through suits...they just go through women. (sarcasm - went for the joke...sorry..well maybe not)

Sounds like the 'flesh' (pride) is the fuel for playing 'Mrs' dress-up.

.sam.wellhauser. said...

Nadine! Sometimes I honestly feel like you are in my head! These are the same thoughts I have about shows like that! I just don't understand... I sometimes have doubts about things I have purchased...

but that tends to be more related to that.."oh my did i really spend that much kind of doubt" or the natural "i hope this looks as good as i think it does'

but dresses people! you wear them once, on one day.. our culture is insane.. and than women look insane and than i end up ranting on your blog about it and i look insane someone must stop the insanity. I vote that you do it:)