Monday, January 08, 2007

Holiday Recap

I haven’t blogged in a while, and oddly enough, I don’t really feel like trying to remember all the details of the past few weeks. I’ll try to stick to the randomness of highlights and odd thoughts:

  1. I got to stay in my old room. Fabulousness. Considering the weekend before Christmas I ended up sharing a room with Nathan, it was nice to have a place of my own for the holidays. Not that I spent much time in it. I’m not used to the distractions that come with living with people. Many, many late nights.
  2. I have a new umbrella. It’s yellow. If anyone gets this one confused with their roommate’s black one, I may have to press charges.
  3. I saw Andrea (who promptly returned to S. Korea)!
  4. There is something very exciting about counter space. For those who have seen my almost-kitchen, you understand. I spent a lot of time with Mom in the kitchen.
  5. My family pretty much rocks. Extended included.
  6. I got a raise. A whole $2/hr more. Yeah, I’m rolling in the dough.
  7. It’s a Wonderful Life was considered a box-office failure when it was first released and essentially ended Frank Capra’s career. Thought you might want to know (Jimmy Stewart is my new dead-man crush. No disrespect to the loved-always Gene Kelly).
  8. I am proud to say that Dick Clark was not a part of my New Year’s. And parents are perfectly suitable partiers.
  9. It’s fun to watch movies with people. Even just hanging out on the couch is more fun when you’re not sitting by yourself.
  10. I want to start a line of extremely long pajama pants. Those of you with long legs, I expect your business.
  11. I now own JPod. I’m trying to make myself finish the two books I’m currently reading before I pick it up, but it’s tough. I have dreamt of this book (not literally. Maybe literarily).
  12. I finally got to see Nathan’s apartment in Peterborough. Much bigger than mine. And he can control his heat. If his roommate will let him turn it on.
  13. I saw a man in a denim suit. Wendy’s rule of “no denim with denim” kept running through my head, but the guy pulled it off.
  14. Joel now lives in my room. So while it was fun to have a bed over the holidays, it no longer is an option for me. Not that this is anything new.


michael lewis said...

#2 - Don't lose it!

#5 - I must concur.

#6 - Congratulations! I'm constantly looking for your credits in the sub-titling of all the DVDs I now get through the mail with Rogers Video Direct.

#8 - Myself as well.

#9 - I'm torn. I'm a serious film watcher. I can't handle people going to pee or get more beverage or whatever. But then again, perhaps the social aspect would trump my desire to be in an utter vacuum.

#11 - It took you this long??? If I had known, I would have sent you my copy!! Ok ok ok, it's iconic. It's VERY Coupland. But it's still VERY good. It's on the weird factor with Hey Nostradamus or Eleanor Rigby.

#15 - I saw a guy who looked just like Dave Thomas in a Wendy's. The Wendy's in Canmore, on my twentyfifth birthday. I got my picture taken with him in front of the Dave Thomas picture. He wasn't Dave, but said that it happens all the time. But sadly, I don't know what happened to that picture.

nadine said...

#6 - You won't find my name anywhere. However, I am now listed on the "Sleeping Dogs" site:

#9 - It's true, movies can be ruined by watching them with the wrong people (like boys who are uncomfortable with anything sentimental. Or people who ask, "What's going on?" throughout the whole thing. Or people who cry at the happy scenes because it reminds them of when their life didn't suck). Yeah, I guess I was lucky this time.

#11 - Hey Nostradamus! is my fave so far, so I'm very much looking forward to this one. I tried to be on the waiting list at the library, but I'm still #130 on the list or something. I couldn't hold out any longer (plus it just came out in paperback).