Saturday, October 28, 2006


I know it's Halloween weekend and all, but tonight I saw something truly terrifying on television.

W-Five did an exposé on a "Christian" cult in Hamilton. As I watching, I thought I saw a familiar face in the congregation. Sure enough, one of my high school friends is caught up in this movement that has convinced her to cut all ties with her family (to the point of telling her younger siblings that she will never see them again).

The "pastor" has twisted the word of God to isolate a congregation of young adults into thinking that not being of the world means turning your back on everyone outside of their group. That leaving is the equivalent of leading others astray, and that it would be better that they die than influence others to follow them leaving. The entire thing was completely disturbing.

It's strange how it took a familiar face to move me, as if these people weren't real until they were actually connected to me. I babysat this friend's younger siblings; her parents are incredible godly individuals.

I'm usually pretty skeptical of secular (esp. television) perspectives on evangelical movements. I saw a program that made Ron Luce look a little insane. But I genuinely believe something very dangerous is going on.

If you read the linked article, you may recognize the name of my friend. Even if you don't, pray. This does not ring true of who God is. And I'm scared for her.


~drea said...

I read the article. That is some pretty scary stuff. And so sad, that these people turn away from their own families in fear of going to hell. Yikes.

Shash said...

The W5 program did a lot of cutting and splicing of the truth, I've seen the full length, without cuts and it doesn't look so horrific. I was able to see the actual context of which things were said in and yes, the pastor did have a few off-colour things to say but the majority wasn't anything to be worried about.

Since it aired I have been down to DCC to see them in person and it's nothing at all like W5 at all.